Clémentine Vanlerberghe

Operandi / Time is a Rubber

After many months of touring and travelling, I am working on a new performance/installation with and for Piet Rogie. It is a great pleasure to work again together in Gemak Den Haag.
Piet Rogie, Clémentine Vanlerberghe, Heleen van Gigch

We will be presenting a first step of the work during the Museum Nacht of The Hague on the 1st of September (at 9pm and 11pm).
OPERANDI in the making. Choreographer, dancer and visual artist Piet Rogie conducts preparatory studies for OPERANDI, a special project to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Free Academy. Experience the preparatory studies yourself! 

Then on the 23rd of November we will present the work during the event Operandi at Gemak. For 24 hours we will be performing as part of it. It is a very exciting and new adventure. More infos later...

A day at work, the beginning